Wishing You Peace


The Kannadys are saying ‘so long’ to 2022, but not before we share some notable moments.


I hesitated to begin our yearly recap with bad news, but thought it best to get it out of way so we can finish up with happy things.

Jack Howard Kannady

This year, we lost a wonderful man – a loving husband, a cherished father, and beloved friend. Dan’s dad passed away on May 28th. It was sudden and unexpected, which makes the grieving process much more difficult. Dan has taken over care for his mom, Twila, and I’ve tried to help out wherever possible. Twila and I enjoy hair washing days and catching up while Dan takes care of business. We are so proud of Twila – she has been a pillar of strength in the midst of her loss, and is learning everyday how to advocate for herself and move forward as best she can. She’s a warrior, and has surprised us daily. You can find Jack’s obituary here. We miss him every day, and try constantly to learn how to live with the unique and painful hurt his death has caused. God bless you, Jack. You are loved.

Emma Bean

This year was year of loss. Not only did we lose Dan’s dad, we also lost the most important part of our household, our beloved Emma Bean. This dog broke the mold and made each day something special. As she began to deteriorate, we took her in for some blood tests and learned that her kidneys were failing. It too was a sudden loss, and losing a pet has proven to be a special kind of pain. Some days, my heart hurts so much I don’t know what to do with myself. Dan and I were smitten with her – she left a huge hole in our hearts. I’m so thankful to my coworkers and friends for their support, especially my friend Michelle who painted special portrait of Emma to help with the grieving. In times of loss, it’s beautiful how love flows in.

Weekday wonders

Dan and I both continue to work at Cook Medical. I celebrated my 13 year anniversary this year, and Dan celebrated his 4 year anniversary. We are so thankful to have employment in these changing times. As Dan continues to be an essential part of the Finance department, my creative responsibilities have expanded as my department re-structured into an Agency that aligns all creative team members together to provide amazing services to the rest of the company. I’m delighted to be a involved with our new studio team (a studio that rivals the CNN news studio). I’ve produced graphics for a few productions now, and the team I get to work with is second to none. I’ve been growing my leadership skills and ensuring I try to bring positivity to every meeting I attend. I love my job, and I’m grateful to be able to do what I love every day. We’ve also moved to a hybrid status, which allows for remote and in-office work which I’ve really taken to. I appreciate the modern changes Cook has made to support it’s employees.

Fancy rides

Thankful to be in the black this year when many have struggled, we were able to trade both of our vehicles in for upgrades. After traveling to several states, and driving hundreds of miles, we finally found my new Ford Explorer right in our own backyard. Her name is ‘Disco’ and is already a billboard for my love of unicorns (to Dan’s protest). She red, and has upgrades I never knew I missed. Let me tell you, butt warmers are something you shouldn’t live without. Dan went from his Cummins to a Ford F150 with all the bells and whistles. He is excited to get into a vehicle that has more than standard features. It’s dark silver and he can’t stop finding things he loves about it. We both can’t believe we get to drive these vehicles everyday.

A piece of history

Another vehicle that deserves its own section, is Dan’s new Harley Davidson, the Dude. The opportunity arose when our Uncle Dude mentioned he was selling it. We both realized what an important part of history this bike was and jumped on the chance immediately. It’s sitting safely in our garage, with lots of upgrades, while Dan compiles all the utensils he needs to care for it this winter. We bought our first official Harley Davidson apparel the other weekend and can’t wait for the spring when Dan can go get his license and take some long bike rides.

We also inherited Dan’s Pa’s old single cab Chevy Silverado. It’s an heirloom and we’re so happy to have that safe in our garage too. We get to walk out everyday surrounded by things our loved ones touched and worked on. We’re trying to honor those loved ones by making sure we care for these relics.

Familiar Friends

Something positive did come from the passing of our two loves – it brought old friends together again. Adam, TJ, Dave, Kadie, and Nick attended Jack’s funeral and afterwards came over to the Kannadys afterwards. We ate, we drank, we bonfired. It was like old times and boy did it feel good. We remenisced, talked about the good times when life was simpler and we were younger. It was a great reminder that there is a silver lining to find in even the darkest of times. Thank you to our friends who turned our frowns upside down and helped us to laugh when all we wanted to do was cry. You are angels, you are blessings.

Austin Visits Bloomington

We had the pleasure of hosting my brother this year. It was an amazing visit, and we stuffed every possible thing we could in during his four days here.

Help at Twila’s
My brother has a heart of gold and took time out of his visit to come over to Twila’s house to help us check some things off our list. Unfortunately, there was some sweat involved, but my brother isn’t afraid of hard work. He was a huge help to us and the list of things a mile long we need to finish at Twila’s. It was so fun seeing Austin and Dan work together – they are two peas in a pod, and I love seeing them continue to build their friendship.

The Black Keys
We had a blast at the Black Keys concert in Nobelsville, IN. Our good friend TJ came along too, which made my heart so happy. All my boys together for some great tunes and comraderie. I knew every song they played and couldn’t stop singing the entire concert. You know it’s a great band when they sound even better live. We drank, we danced, we sang, we bought a ton of tshirts, and then we lounged in the grass parking lot and laughed at everyone causing a traffic jam.

French Lick/West Baden
At the casino, we didn’t make much money, but we had a great time showing Austin around one of our company’s properties. It was really neat to see a newbie experience the property for the first time.

Man it was hard to let him go home, and even harder to say goodbye. We love you Austin – you are a treasure.

A Sloth Named Luna

Dan and I celebrated our 7th anniversary this year in September. We kind of outdid each other with gifts this year. We booked a stay at West Baden and were welcomed with a beautiful rose and note from the staff. Our room was lovely. While in French Lick we of course went to the casino (and lost money, but had a blast), but first I booked us seats on the scenic French Lick train. It travels out into the Southern Indiana forest while the important landmarks were discussed by the engineer. It was a beautiful day for a train ride.

The highlight though, was the 1-hour session Dan booked for us at the Wilstem Safari Park. We weren’t sure what to expect, it being a safari park in the middle of Indiana – but we were overwhelmed with their professionalism, how well the animals were taken care of, and the knowledge of their animals. We ventured over to the building with the sloth in it. It was full of interesting creatures – a banana python, kangaroos, a newborn antelope, reptiles, monkeys, and Dan’s favorite, the bilatong (bear cat). As we began our session, we entered the room Luna lives in, and slowly introduced ourselves. We learned the sloths grow moss on their hair for added nutrients and insulation, the only difference between a two-toed and three-toed is really only one toe, the hair on their stomachs is extra coarse for offspring to grasp, and their favorite treat is hibiscus blooms.

I swear, I made a spiritual connection with this creature. Looking into her eyes was like looking into the deepest jungle, and when she looked at me, she saw my soul. I was lucky enough to be able to feed her by hand, pet her, feed her hibiscus, and at the end of our session – I sat on the floor of her sanctuary where she laid her body on my leg and held my hand. It was magical. And an anniversary gift Dan and I will never forget.

Sugar and spice

I’m sure this isn’t a big deal to anyone, but it was to us, so I’m sharing it. After years and years of trying to get Dan to like Starbucks, we finally discovered his drink. He’s now a chai tea latte lover, and I don’t feel so bad spending way too much on a specialty coffee. I knew we could find his drink – just takes time and patience.

Something Spooky

movies + tv, paranormal

I know the Halloween holiday just passed, so I’m assuming everyone binge watched shows like Ghost Adventures, Dead Files, and got in touch with all their beasties and ghoulies. You know what they say about assuming, right? Ok, I’m HOPING you binge watched those shows because this post depends on it!

I’m super into paranormal experiences, but this season, I think we got more than we asked for! I will explain using a trifecta of coincidences… or perfectly timed happenings. *cue ghostly sounds*

• The show: I watched any number of paranormal shows this season, surrounding myself in all the spooky things, and loving every minute of it. Now, some say that just watching the show can stir things up, in the viewers home even. I’m not sure how you feel about all of that, but I believe if the time is right, and all the ingredients are there, things can happen. Which is why I always try to caution myself before watching, just in case any of the gibberish is true.

• The sensitive: I believe myself to be a sensitive of sorts. If anything, I’m at least an em-path. I do believe being an em-path though begins to blur those sensitive lines, because if you can sense others feelings and feel those feelings, there has to be some sort of sensitivity to other beings. I think having these abilities makes me a little more of a target, IF any of the rumors about paranormal shows are true. I would assume (there I go assuming again) that I am naturally more open to the spiritual realm.

• The portal: Now this is where it gets weird, so feel free to move on and not like this post. But, if you like weird shit, stay for a while! So, portals, at least in the paranormal sense, are like doorways to and from different points. Portals can exist because the elements are all just right, because someone opened it (seance, and open Ouija session), or because they’ve been there forever. Wherever they begin, they allow beings to travel to and from as they please.

What do these 3 things equal? A spooky situation!
I started feeling like there was something watching me, or at least in the room with me. No joke, I’m a grown adult and I refuse to go downstairs throughout the night, it’s even uncomfortable to go into the bathroom. I know, I’m laughing at myself too! It’s ok, go ahead! But, seriously, it’s spooky! So, I decided to take care of it, because, um, no thank you spirits! I did the following:

• Let the spirits know who’s boss – I say ‘you are not allowed in this space. this space is full of love and light.’
• Say a few words about myself, to make sure I’m protected, AND
• Buy a ton of shit on Amazon to distract myself from any spooky spirits… I mean, am I right? Amazon solves everything.

Whether you ‘believe’ or not, I think it’s always a good idea to shower yourself with love and light, everyday, to fend off the spooks or just everyday negative vibes. We all need help with those!

Stay spooky.

Leaning In

mental health

Leaning into my anxiety

What this looks like: approaching an event, topic, or person that produces nervousness, in spite of the negative feelings I know will come from the encounter.
Why it’s uncomfortable: the unknown. Wondering whether I will have the right thing to say, sound like an idiot, or make a fool of myself. Where the unknown might ignite one person, it pulls me apart. It takes a lot of energy to face my anxiety and endure what comes next.
Why it’s healthy to lean in: growth. I’ve realized recently how incredibly important it is to work through uncomfortable feelings. Navigating my way through those feelings allows me to grow mentally and continue to put tools in my toolbox. Almost every uncomfortable situation I’ve been in has a silver lining worth fighting for.

Leaning into my extroversion

What this looks like: saying ‘Yes.’ to situations involving other humans in spite of the fear within my soul.
Why it’s uncomfortable: I am an introvert through and through, being around others drains me, it doesn’t fill my cup up. It’s uncomfortable because other humans tend to make me uncomfortable. And even thinking of saying ‘Yes.’ to a lunch or brainstorm session draws up some agonizing feelings.
Why it’s healthy to lean in: positive experiences. Almost every situation I’ve said yes to, and willingly shown up to ends with some positive lessons, conversations, or events. In my opinion it’s worth the discomfort to grow as a human being.

Leaning into my positivity

What this looks like: being positive even when it seems like there isn’t anything to be positive about.
Why it’s uncomfortable: sometimes, I’m so terrified, it’s hard to be positive. Positivity is difficult to ignite when there is so much negativity in the world. And in our current situation, it seems people thrive on negativity. It’s uncomfortable because it goes against the grain.
Why it’s healthy to lean in: i never know whose listening. Someone might really need that positivity so they can lean into something they’re uncomfortable with. With positivity I can partner with the world’s good vibes in order to break down those barriers built by negativity.

All of this to say – it’s important work to be uncomfortable, and leaning into what scares me makes me uncomfortable. And, if I know where these uncomfortable feelings are coming from, I can be better prepared to learn from and work through them. Growth is important, no matter how much or how little, growth is a win that anyone can claim.

Let’s lean in.

Three-Dimensional Letters


I’ve begun weeding through my portfolio projects and will be going through one by one and putting special care into each one so I can get an accurate and up-to-date portfolio live, right here on my website!

Today’s project: Three-dimensional letters – below you’ll find a little bit about the project.

Completely hand-made, crafted with paper, glue, illustration board, and wood, these letters were experiments in taking a flat object into a three-dimensional world.

‘S’ | this script ‘s’ is carefully carved out of two layers of wood for added thickness. I wanted the hardness of the wood to play with the softness of the curves in the script. It definitely added a level of difficulty, but the outcome was worth it

‘H’ | choosing Helvetica was not an accident for this experiment, it resembles Jacob’s ladder form that it takes. I wanted to explore the form as a function and this piece is a fully expandable ladder.

‘Z’ | for Zed I wanted to explore shapes within shapes and a ‘Z’ can be found perfectly within a square, or a pixel, if you will. Fully expandable as well, this letter comes with its very own ‘div’ container box.

Read more to see what they ended up looking like!

5 Certified Easy Crock Pot Meals


I’m not sure about you, but I love a meal that takes about 5 minutes to prep and smells good all day long. For this reason, I’m unashamedly in love with my crock pot. I could put pretty much any mixture in it, and some how it turns out delicious and moist. Yep, I said moist. It’s deserved in this situation.

Before I share the recipes, I want to share the crock pot I use! I did a lot of research to find one that is the right size and does the right things. Good news! It’s available on Amazon for under $75!

The Right to Write


Hello readers and welcome back (to me and you!)

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written and for that, I’m sorry. I’ve been working through a huge growth period in my life – think complete care remodel, then double it. I’ve been so thankful for the time to spend on my journey to discover who I really am, and it’s also taken a lot out of me – emotionally, mentally, and physically. Triple whammy! Speaking of whammies – I’ve been updating the blog too! So, along with the changes to my person, I thought it was time to make some changes to my presence online – I hope you like them! I’ve had some trouble committing to writing and below are four things I’ve used to help build my confidence. I hope you read on.

Bang, Bang, Bang, On the Door Baby!


Let’s talk about the love shack.
Not the love shack in the widely popular B-52s song (although it was the inspiration for this post!), but the love shack we all have in our souls.

Our love shack is within.
It’s where all of the types of love live within us.
The joy, bliss, happy, insane, exploding, sarcastic, quiet, loud, and even angry love (believe me, angry love exists!) So, all these different types of love are dancing and grooving in your love shack at any given moment. It’s just a big ‘ol party in there, with glitter to boot.

The Dark Red…More Like The Dark Horse

movies + tv

Today’s #mondaymood is deeply tied to the resilience and strength of ‘Sybil’ (April Billingsley) in the movie ‘The Dark Red’.

This movie was freakin’ fabulous – a show stopper for me (a horror movie addict). When selecting a horror flick on Amazon Prime Video – one never knows what they’re getting.

What Korn Looked Like In 1999


This is a new segment I’ll be doing most Fridays. It’ll be short and sweet, which will ensure I stay with it. I’m trying to get better at writing consistently!

This Friday I’m highlighting Korn’s live concert @ Woodstock 1999.
I’m a total 90s grunge and metal junkie. It’s what I was raised on and what will forever make me feel grounded. This concert centers me, and the energy from the crowd blows me away.

If a blog were a unicorn


I feel like there would be a lot of rainbows and glitter. Which, to be honest, would kinda rock my world.

Readers, I think it’s time to get back in the saddle, right? I mean, I’m in a saddle, on my unicorn, why wouldn’t I want to pick it back up? I’m sharing with you with a new found transparency. I’m not here to please anyone or make miracles happen, I just want to share my truth with anyone who is kind enough to hear it. Please, share if you enjoy.

In all seriousness though, if a blog were a unicorn, it’d probably have like a million users, fresh new content with that ‘new car’ scent, and cute little blogger behind the keys clacking away at their next million dollar 500 words post. Perfection.