A Smile Given, is a Smile Received



Of note today, after going home sick yesterday, I realize how important it is to wear a smile. I always try to begin my day in a positive mood and ask God:

“God, how can I serve you today? Will you lead me today?”

This starts me out on the right foot… usually. There are always those days when NOTHING, I mean nothing, goes right, but that’s a whole other blog post. On those days when there’s not a whole lot to look forward to, I’ve found, there really is something to look forward to – it’s God’s day, not my day. That automatically bumps it up a few hundred points, am I right?

The best way to give God my day is… smile. It opens me up for positivity and love, and to share love with others. When others see that openness, they are automatically more apt to talk openly and freely with me. I must admit – I’m not always 100% on my game with smiling – I tend to be stubborn and I focus on the negative – but, this is my trial right now. God is strengthening me through this trial and hopefully one day, I’ll get to a place where God’s love is enough for me to smile always. Until then, here are some tips for smiling that I use:

1. Practice makes progress (not perfection) – smile often, get your face used to it and see how good it feels. I promise, the more you smile, the more multiplied positivity you’ll get in return.

2. Smile with you eyes – widen those babies, and lift that frown into a smile.

3. Patience is literally, a virtue – it will help you to see past the small annoying things that try to get in your way. Tell those things to shove it, and rest in the peace of God. He’ll always put a smile on your face.



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