Learning to Living for Others

mental health


Boy oh boy. That about sums up my day… week… ok, month.

God is definitely doing His best to work with me, but gosh darnit, I’m so stubborn. Why am I like that? Well, with the help of several really kind, supportive, and God-following friends, I’m trying to answer that question, and make a change.

On my heart now: living for others. This has got to be one of the most difficult things I’ve ever attempted to learn. After coming home today, and immediately saying something negative to my awesome fiance, I promptly turned, grabbed my computer, and locked myself in the office to figure out what the heck my problem is. I was greeted with good news, and bad news.

Bad news: there’s no figuring out God’s plan, there’s no magic bullet that will answer all of my questions, and there’s no final answer.

Good news: God is faithful, and He wants the best for us – and is always there the second we turn around and say ‘Father, please help me.’

I was struck by a post by Joyce Meyer (I swear this lady reads God’s mind and spits out His whispers just for me – ha! There’s selfishness right there! I can’t even get through a blog post! I digress.) about living for others and gleaned three main points I want to share with you:

1. Selfishness is rotten, and the key to being miserable
2. Learning to live for others most certainly is NOT a sprint, it’s a lot like training for a marathon
3. God wants to teach me how to live outwardly



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