Don’t Let a Whole30 Get You Down



Ladies (and guys), I’m here to tell you, you CAN be on a Whole30 (if you and Whole30 haven’t met yet, find out everything and some here. Go. Introduce yourself) and still have an awesome ladies’ night out. I speak from experience, after just getting back from one. It was a great night of love, laughter, God, and theater – and yes we went OUT to eat. In fact, we went to Chili’s and I’m proof you can eat whole, out.

In it’s basic form, a Whole30 is 30 days of eating whole, unprocessed food. And this girl is on a whopping DAY 20. I ain’t giving up now, nor am I letting go of a great evening with some of my favorite ladies. So, here’s how we got along, the Whole30 and I.

1. I made my lady friends aware that I was on a Whole30 – don’t be afraid to share, what you’re doing is a great service to your body.

2. I then previewed the menu where we decided to eat. Chili’s. I went straight to the steak section. Disregard that large dollop of garlic butter… you can ask for spices only, I did!

3. Be confident. Don’t back down. Yes it took me twice as long to order, and I stumbled over some words, and forgot a couple things – but the end result was a DELICIOUS ribeye peppered steak, and two lovely helpings of steamed broccoli.

4. Push the water. Don’t be sidetracked by the sugary sodas, get the water in front of you and suck it down.

That my friends, is how you do Whole30, out. I, of course, don’t proclaim to be an expert on the Whole30 – it’s only my second one. But, I do know what’s allowed, and what’s not. That added to being a realist, and a person who loves the support of her ladies, makes me knowledgeable. And I’m pretty sure something right is happening, because I’m down 20+ lbs. and feeling AWESOME.

Look for my completed Whole30 post in about 10 days!

Are you doing a Whole30? What are your experiences? Need some encouragement? Let me know!


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