mental health


This has got to be one of the HARDEST things to learn how to do. And I am completely surrounded by God’s hand asking me to dig deeper in this phenomenon.

For example, this morning I stopped at the ATM to withdraw some money so that I can feed myself throughout the day. Cause feeding yourself is super important, obviously. But, God had a different plan. The ATM decided it wasn’t handing out cash today, so what did I do? After I threw a tiny tantrum, I said

I will surrender.

How is it that I know God will sustain me, but I continue to try to fend for myself instead of surrendering? It’s like an internal battle with yourself. Literally, a fight against your old-self for your new-self. How do you fight with yourself? Knowing that God is on your side – that’s how. He’s an amazing force and WILL walk with you through the wilderness, the surrender, the sorrow, and then the sunrise.

Surrender yourself to the Lord, and wait patiently for him.
Psalm 37:7

So, how does one go about surrendering? Well, here are some things I’ve found help:

  1. Choose God: Don’t do it for yourself, do it for Him, bless Him with your surrender, and He will bless you.
  2. Don’t Expect It To Happen Overnight: I’d say I’ve been working on even UNDERSTANDING the how to of surrendering for years now! It’s about the journey, not the finish. And it’s not something that you can perfect, I will always be learning.
  3. Check Yourself: in one of my favorite devotional writers post about surrender, he says surrender shows up best in relationships, when you’re not self-serving, you’re selfless, loving, patient, kind, and not irritable, or out for your own agenda. Find that post here.

Have you struggled with surrender? How have you overcome the daunting beginning towards surrender? I can promise you – you are not alone – just look up, and He’s there – or look to your side and I’ll be right there figuring it out with ya!


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