Why A Clean House Is Healthy

mental health


My heels are sore, my brow is sweaty, my back is sore – but, our house is clean. Boy does that feel good. We do have company coming over tomorrow, but it needed to be done anyway, with all of our wedding stuff still stuffed in every single corner. We did it. And now – I have a desk – in an office – that’s clean. My sewing machine has space on it, there are reminders of our wonderful wedding all over the place, but placed just right.

What a wonderful thing having a space, a space to call your own, with a candle glowing, soft light, and your favorite chair.

But, what’s more, is what it does to your head. My head is clear, just like the house. Now I have the freedom to design, create, and write to my fill ::sigh:: (that’s a goooooood sigh).

Why does a clean house seem to clean your brain out too?

My surroundings reflect my head: if it’s clutter, my head is cluttered meaning no thing of worth is going to come out – at least not easily, or happily.

A clean home means a clean bill of health: with all the crap our new vacuum sucked up, the dust is down, the corners are free of dust bunnies, and we’re not sneezing.

My anxiety is down: with no clutter to be seen, my anxiety has calmed down and I can actually think.

So, instead of resting my bones after just finishing, I actually wanted to come in my office and write. Write my thoughts – and hope that they reach someone out there.

Enjoy your space, wherever you are.



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