What I Learned From My Failed Whole30



A Whole30 is 30 days without any sort of processed foods: no alcohol, no dairy, no processed stuff. It’s hardcore.

I’m the kind of person who likes to do 20,001 things all at one time, and believe that I can give 100% to each and every thing. Yeah… no. Not happening.

I am choosing not to look at this as a failure, but a learned lesson. I learned more about myself than I would’ve than if I hadn’t tried. And to me, that’s a success. This life is a journey, and the more I can learn about myself, the better.

I learned I lack discipline, right now. I can work on that. I can get better at that.

I learned that I’m focusing on getting my medication for my diagnosis of bipolar depression and anxiety right now. That’s my priority.

I learned that with my new medication, I can now live more in the gray, and less in the extremes of black and white.

I learned that I can cook healthy, but I choose to incorporate foods outside of the Whole30 foods allowed.

I learned that sometimes… fast food is just the ticket.

I learned that I’d like to focus on discipline within my training schedule right now, I do have a marathon coming up in November, and 20 weeks of training.

Most importantly, I learned to celebrate successes, no matter how big or small.

Seriously – life is too short to focus on failures – each success matters and you deserve to take a minute and say “Yeah… I did that.”

So, all in all, this Whole30 wasn’t a failure, it was a huge success. Now it’s bedtime – gotta rise and shine and get that workout!



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