Weary Traveler

mental health


As I sit here on the floor next to the closest outlet I could find /because we all know outlets are like gold among airports/ I reflect on what it means to be a traveler on a Voyage.

A voyage can be many things. A vacation. A business trip. A road trip. A kayaking trip. Mine happened to be a business trip, and while some might lose sight of the positive aspects of a business trip – this trip has reminded me how blessed I am.

Blessing #1: I have a company willing to invest their time and money in me and furthering my education on the products I deal with as a graphic designer for them. I love my job /not every day is perfect, but for the most part, I’m in love/ and always look for way to improve my view of what I work with.

Blessing #2: The people I work with, and the people I get to meet along my voyage are smart, positive, innovative, and friendly people. Though I may not understand everything from their point of view, they are willing to help me get a sneak peek into their world, and I find it absolutely amazing.

Blessing #3: I am blessed with a husband who supports the voyages I get to take, even when they are without him. He’s right there, being my rock, even hundreds of miles away. He always has the right words to say to make me feel good, safe, and strong. I’m so thankful /more and more every single day/ that God brought us together as husband and wife. He truly is my teddy bear and my rock. And who I get to come home to after a grueling, but quick voyage.

Blessing #4: My friends /who are mostly from work, which is A-ok to me because we’re like a family/ are showing me again and again how wonderful it is to just have someone to send a quick text to. If I’m feeling low or weak, they are right there to boost me up and get me back on my feet again.

Blessing #5: Carry on luggage. I mean seriously – it’s the best when you have your clothes, medications, computer, and all other essentials right there with you. Then, when you’re sitting in a cold, uncomfortable airport, and the girl next to you keeps saying how cold she is, you can offer her a long sleeve shirt that’s clean and ready for her… and when she very politely declines, you can throw it on over a tank top and under a cardigan and scarf so you don’t freeze!

Regardless of what voyage you’re on, try to find the positives in it. Positivity is truth, and truth draws us closer to Him.





7 thoughts on “Weary Traveler

    1. Thank you!!! Honestly, I had no idea what to write… but I knew I needed to write. Have you ever had that feeling? Thanks for reading πŸ’•

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    1. I appreciate that so much! Good quotes are the best. I’m glad you liked what you read and thanks for taking the time! ☺️

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