One Year, Our Year

mental health


Our very first wedding anniversary.

It’s hard for me to believe a year, 365 days, has already come, and that we’ve survived a year of marriage already. This year has NOT been easy, pretty, or fun. Honestly, it’s been a shit show.

We’ve dealt with death of a loved one, unemployment, instability, growing in our faith, and financial hardship. I know we both expected to work at this, but never expected it to take this much work.

We learned how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, learned love languages, and learned that not speaking at all can be the best and worst form of communication. The key is knowing when to shut up, and when to share.

Learning to listen with love, speak with patience, and love fiercely were very hard lessons that lead to huge steps forward.

Seeing your best friend grow in faith, learn to trust, and continue to love God, even when times are really, really tough is my new definition of beauty.

So, to my husband and best friend, my taken friends, and my single friends – enjoy exactly where you are right at this moment, because ALL OF IT, every single second is worth more than the most precious metal, biggest diamond, or rarest gem.

Below are photos from the day my husband proposed in April 2015. He had me running all over town! I pray that I never forget the love I felt on that day, and all days, from him, and my friends and family. To you, I say thank you! And I love you.


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