Anxiety: The Good Space

mental health


A large part of my anxiety comes from my ‘hurry-up’ offense, my ‘point A to point B’, my ‘get to the finish line as fast as I can’. So many times, I catch myself focusing so incredibly hard on what the finish will feel like, that I completely lose touch with the journey to get to the finish, which is where the magic happens.

My yoga practice forced me to take a long, easy, quiet look at that journey, that magic, today. Of course, I had no idea I needed to slow down and appreciate where I was until I was frustrated on my mat throwing a tantrum, because that’s just how I roll. #stubbornashell

The focus of my practice today was ‘Suhka’ – Sanscrit for ‘ease’. I quickly learned that the Sanskrit root ‘su’ = ‘good’ and the root ‘kha’ = ‘space’. In layman’s terms, I was forced to find my happy place tonight. And a happy place is just what an anxiety-battler needs when they’ve been overwhelmed with the days goals, struggles, ups, and downs.

My happy place looks like…

Acceptance – of where I am, at the very second I’m there. Acceptance allows me to not worry about the future (anxiety), and not dwell on the past (more anxiety). It also allows me to slow down and acknowledge where I am, and the things I’ve accomplished, which makes that moment real and recorded. My acceptance is the perfect balance between reality and goal and allows me to replenish my energy to get to that goal.

A deep breath – the kind of breath I take when I’m running hard and starting to cramp up, that expands my lungs and back muscles so much that life gets pushed back into the fibers… and I can breathe easy. I relax and focus on right where I am, and the magic that is happening right in front of my eyes. This breath also drives out the pain of a tough pose, an overwhelming moment, or painful event, which in turn makes me stronger.

An ivory tunnel – where I’m floating gently, comfortably, and lightly. I’m in complete balance with my surroundings, and the warm glowing light surrounds me and softens me. I’m rejuvenated in the neutrality of the color. My spirit is tempered, and I come to reality without anxiety.

Of course all of this lasts for about 2 milliseconds, and then I need to refocus all over again, but I’m a work in progress, and I am where I am.


The best way to battle anxiety – to me – is to acknowledge where you are, and focus just on that. Cross each bridge as I come to it, and experience the most in the journey.

Everyone’s journey is different. How does your anxiety affect you? What does your happy place look like? 


*I am not a professional, and my opinions are my own. Sharing is caring – #stopthestigma

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