3 Peace Producers You Need

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I needed to release things today. Let go of them. Say ‘hit the road jack, and don’t come back.’ The willing release of things that don’t serve you is a practice that reaps positive rewards. And the more you practice, the easier it becomes.

Here are 3 things that help me find, produce, and keep my peace:
• Letting go. Life is going to happen whether I worry about it or not. Often times, I find a lot of my anxiety comes from trying to control too much. Now, it’s human nature for me to try to control, so learning to let go can sometimes be similar to pulling teeth. But, when I get that balance between the future, and the past, it equals the present, and being in the present is worth all the toil and trouble to get there. Surprisingly, letting go offers me a sense of stability, the complete opposite of what I think it would offer. This stability grows into contentment, and contentment grows into a vast and structured peace.

• Laughing. I can be in the crumbiest, good-for-nothing mood… get me to laugh and the unicorns and glitter start raining down. My skies go from gray to blue (even though I LOVE cloudy, rainy days), and all my those little things stressing me out seem to melt away. Laughing is like a shot of adrenaline to my numb system. For me, existing in the negative is way to comfortable, so I use laughter to get me out of my funk. When I’m feeling like all hope is lost for feeling at peace, I go say hi to a friend and we laugh it out.

• Exercise. I’m in a serious relationship with yoga, right now. We are dating hardcore, and I can’t get enough of it. Not only does the practice of yoga help keep my inner peace, but, it gives me tools to use off the mat to find peace in frustrating situations. It doesn’t matter what exercise is to you – take 5 minutes, go for a walk, a swim, a bike, a savasana, and feel your peace levels rise, and your stress levels disappear.

Let’s employ these peace keepers together and see where we can stretch our comfort zone a bit. Can you find time in your day for a laugh? A walk? Can you let go with me? Let’s see what happens.

I want to hear from you! What are your top 3 peace producers?  



2 thoughts on “3 Peace Producers You Need

  1. I exercise too! I think the most important thing I do is to let things go. Deal with something for a moment, but once the moment is gone, I let it go.

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