Yoga Review: Emotional Release Flow by O’M Yoga



I needed something this evening. Little did I know it was this yoga practice.

Let’s get to it.

5 Things that Rocked:

Makes you sweat. Some yoga practices are for days when you’re looking for something softer and less aggressive. When I’m looking to sweat, I go for an O’M Yoga practice – never lets me down.

Plenty of mods. I consider myself semi-intermediate in the practice of yoga, but because of my body shape, and weight, I tend to need modifications. This practice was awesome with tons of modifications to get just the right stretch in an accurate position. Mary does a great job of explaining what modifications might look like, and letting you know that… it’s ok if your shape is different, you’re on the mat, that’s what matters.

Focus on the hips. I do believe that certain emotions and stress are held within certain areas of the body. This practice is great for dumping all that negative yuck from your hips. There were some great hip openers, specifically malasana, or the yogic squat. Also known as frog.

Comic relief. During a tough practice like this, it’s really nice to have some smiling and laughing. It helps you fight that ‘fight or flight’ feeling. Mary does a great job of taking the focus off the pain some of her signature poses cause. No offense Mary 😉

Full body workout. Yes, there’s a focus on hips, buy Mary’s great about getting core and upper body strength in as well.

2 Things I’d like to Improve in Myself:

Flexibility. Mary is awesome about making me WANT to want to do that pose or flow.

Consistency. The good thing is that Mary’s classes rock, and I want to get back to the mat as soon as possible.

Yogis Choice Score: 8/10

So, in my opinion, go for it! Go for the gold. Give one of Mary’s practices a shot and love yoga a little more, ok… a lot more. Thanks O’M Yoga!

Let me start by saying, Mary (the face behind O’M Yoga) didn’t ask me to review this practice in any way shape or form. This is simply my humble opinion about an awesome workout.



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