Thankful for: Hoosier Threads


Recently, I dipped my toes into the big world of small business. It’s scary, but with the right friends, it’s less scary.

That’s how I met Adrian O’Shea from Hoosier Threads. This company is his baby, on top of a full-time job. He rocks at what he does.

I was lucky enough to get sent a shirt from his shop!
Here’s what I thought:

The right fit. Some shirts seem to be mysterious sizes, like ‘I’m supposed to be able to fit in that?!’. Not my ‘Nope’ shirt. It’s just the right size.

Awesome design.
Every time I wear my ‘Nope’ shirt people comment on it. One comment I’ve heard that I love is ‘That’s the nicest ‘Nope’ shirt I’ve ever seen. You need to check out his other designs, they’re killer.

Packaging done right. When I received my shirt, it felt like my birthday. As I unwrapped my gift, Hoosier Threads was the strong brand throughout.

If you’re looking for a shirt for an occasion, or a shirt just for you, check out Hoosier Threads – they’ll have something just for you.


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