How I Make 8 Hour Days Work with My Mania

mental health

Mania and eight hour days don’t mix. Then again, neither does introversion and going out to lunch with friends. So, I’m stuck!

That’s what I used to say. Since switching meds, and having to relearn how to manage my time at work, I’ve come across several things that have helped me get through.

Baby steps.
By breaking down my 8 hours into smaller, bite sized pieces, it helps me stay focused so I can complete the tasks I set out to do. This also helps me to feel decent about the things I accomplish.

Brain breaks.
After each task, I will take a short brain break and draw, read, or go get some water. It helps me accept what I’ve accomplished, and gives me the positivity to move onto the next task.

Stand up.
Eight hours can get pretty boring when you’re in the same spot the entire time. I am lucky enough to have a standing desk, but if you don’t just stand up and stretch. Or use it as another chance to get some water.

Stay hydrated.
I’ve mentioned water twice now. That’s because it’s important! Staying hydrated keeps your engine running smoothly. It keeps you alert and focused, plus it offers another chance to get up and move when you’ve gotta go pee!

Don’t look at that clock.
I’m not sure why, but it’s true that the more you look at the clock, the slower time goes. Focus on your work, focus on your baby step and go from one to the other. Time’s gonna go by any way, don’t try to rush it.

All of these techniques have helped me get through these last few weeks. Do you have any suggestions for how to calm the chaos in your mind during your 8 hour workday? I’d love to hear about it!


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