The Real Stuff


It all started with a stick.

My father-in-law reminded me today how important it is to experience the ‘real stuff’ of life. These days while I have my smart phone glued to my hand and melted to my eyeballs, experiencing life is so important. What is life, I ask?

It’s getting away for a while.

It’s crazy golf cart rides with my mother-in-law.

It’s sitting, just sitting.

It’s being so content that just for a second I drift into the present and forget about the past and future.

It’s opening the car windows and the smell of leafy trees.

It’s becoming part of a tradition.

It’s belonging.

It’s being happier outside than inside.

It’s acting like a kid again.

It’s closing my eyes and savoring every moment.

It’s smiles and warm welcomes.

It’s story-telling and catching up.

It’s familiarity.

It’s the afternoon breeze.

It’s the sunshine warming my skin.

It’s building memories.

In my life, I admit, technology does get in the way and puts up a wall between me experiencing all these wonderful things. I just need to remember to be more like that little girl, trotting down the road, imagining her stick is her magic wand.

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