Why The Unicorn Is My Spirit Animal


The story of my life is an elusive one. Some parts ai remember, other parts are locked in a prison far far away. I don’t mind it. I just figure some parts aren’t supposed to surface until just the right time.

Other memories pop up like fire crackers when I’m least expecting them. I imagine a unicorn transcends time. It’s cool all the time. I like to think the unicorn is tough on the outside while on the inside, it is filled with confetti-like glitter. Sometimes, that glitter is all sitting at the bottom like pennies at the bottom of a piggy bank, but sometimes, when something super magical happens, it floats around like balloons at a party.

The unicorn is my spirit animal because:

1. They are edgy. Like me. Somedays I can be quite amiable, other days I’m like a feral cat. Just depends on the day, hour, or minute.

2. They are elusive. I have weekends where I like to be around the people I love in my life, and other weekends I like to love from afar.

3. They are different. If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black. I don’t know what is. I don’t necessarily feel like I fit in to this world on most days. On good days, I feel like a window shopper stopping to check out beautifully arranged scenes that I don’t fit in.

Finally, and it may seem a little arrogant (I don’t mean it to be), but the unicorn is my spirit animal because, despite all these differences, they are still downright awesome. I like to think I approach awesome at times. And I hope you get to meet me when I do.

What is your spirit animal? Why and when fo you approach awesome? I know you do.

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