Why I Love My Therapist

mental health

I’m gonna throw some love out there. So many of my posts are about dealing with sticky situations that aren’t necessarily positive, so I thought I’d talk about a truly bright part of my life.

My therapist is my devil’s advocate, my friend, my rock, and my stepping stone. I find so much value in my sessions with her and found myself wanting to dive deeper into why I get so much out of these sessions and whether anyone else might feel the same way.

I believe therapy is a huge part of my everyday success as well as growing through my daily failures. Living with depression, bipolar depression, anxiety, and OCD, my therapy is an essential part of surviving through those ups and downs. I also believe there is a huge desire for more therapists to fill the desperate need for mental illness support.

Here are five reasons why I love my therapist:

  1. She speaks my language. I learn best through visuals. I’m a creative, so of course, I love shapes and colors. Leave it to my therapist to break it down into shapes and symbols I understand.
  2. She keeps it real. One of my hardest downfalls is believing that the world dictates who I should be. When I ask her for a reality check, she provides and helps me remember that I am who I say I am and that the world does not dictate who that has to be.
  3. We have a history. She’s worked with me for some time now and knows what I need to hear when I need to hear it.
  4. She listens. When I was younger, I had another therapist I used to see. She fell asleep listening to me. Not cool. Now, with a therapist who is constantly listening actively and always conversing actively, nothing can get me down.
  5. She’s neutral. When I have a safe place to come without having to worry about whose side the other person is on, I’m more likely to share my thoughts and how I’m honestly feeling. This allows me to come to situations openly and work through them with wisdom.

Do you love your therapist? Why? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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