When Spontaneity Throws Me Off Balance

mental health

I enjoy writing based on relevant and timely personal experience. This past weekend threw me way off balance. It takes me by surprise! I could be going along, making forward progress and then WHAM!, change happens.

Now you might be thinking ‘Goodness this girl is sensitive!’ And I would say ‘Yes, yes I am!’ I believe I am a lot more sensitive than others. One thing is for sure though, sensitivity does not make me weak, it’s just another level I have to work through in my every day.

Five ways to handle spontaneity with grace (which is NOT how I handled it this weekend, by the way):

  1. Think positive. Yeah, I had a plan of how I wanted the weekend to go and all the awesome things I was going to get to do, but in the moment what I could have done is focus on the good things to come from the new plans. Focusing on the cons is no bueno. Positivity is the healthier option.
  2. Voice your feelings. Don’t hold it in, talk through your anxiety. I know it was scary for me, and it took a while for me to get to my actual feelings, but my husband was a trooper once I found my voice!
  3. Let go. Don’t hold onto any expectations too tight. Everything happens for a reason and it’s always good to be open to what experiences have to offer. See where it takes you. I kinda liked where it took me.
  4. Take a minute. Nothing has to happen right away. Give yourself a few minutes to turn your thinking around.
  5. Breathe. It’s always good to step back and take a breath.

How do you handle stressful situations? I’d love to hear!


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