I’d Rather Just Sleep

mental health

I’m gonna get real here for a minute. Sometimes, I’d rather just sleep. Let’s face it, life is hard, it sucks, and when dealing with my depression and bipolar, it makes sleep a valid option and a necessary evil.

So, there are all the natural good reasons why sleep is excellent for your health. Things like recovery, memory processing, and simply rest. But, personally, I have other reasons why sleep helps me.

  1. To bypass reality – my everyday life is full of reasoning, doubt, worry, and anxiety. It takes a lot of energy to work through all of those feelings. I understand people say don’t worry so much, or don’t doubt – it’s a waste of time. I understand that however, unfortunately, I can’t just turn it off. Instead, I decide to get extra rest.

2. A break from thoughts – I think, replay, and project all day. It’s exhausting! Anyone with a mental illness will understand this. Heck, anyone who doesn’t have a mental illness will understand this. Sleep is a chance for me to have a quiet mind, or at least one I don’t have to think about.

3. Recovery from an emotionally draining day – some days are rough. Like, rough. Every interaction I run into, conversation I have, or brainstorming session empties me a little more throughout the day.

4. Allow my creativity to run wild – not sure if it’s because of my meds, but my dreams are super intense. When I sleep, I get to allow my creative side to run free!

5. Reset – a goodnight sleep equals a clean slate. It’s a chance to start over and get back on the horse.

Is there anyone else out there who needs sleep like I do? Do your medications make you sleep more than the normal person? I hope I’m not alone.

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