Stuff I See

mental health

As humans, we observe so many things every single day. We see love, hate, kindness, and negativity. I can’t imagine the hit our physical and emotional bodies take because of each one of these things we take in. Both in a positive and negative way.

I’d like to talk about some of the things I see.


I see a puppy who is getting up in age but still loves her belly rubs, playing tug of war, and going for walks. Yes, she gets sore, but she erupts with happiness the moment she sees me or my husband. I want to have more of that happiness in my life. She’s a great reminder that it can happen.

I see a husband who is trying to adjust as best he can and do the best he can. I see he’s scared of failing but little does he know, he could never fail in my eyes. I see a strong man who takes on way more than he has to, but handles it with as much strength as possible. I want to spread the love we have to more people in this world.

I see a friend who runs to positivity every time she feels the negativity biting at her heels. She’s strong and courageous and I respect her so much. I want to learn everything I can from her and build up that positivity everywhere.

I see a woman who isn’t quite sure who she is but keeps trying to find out. She feels weak and lost most days, but still struggles to find her way. She feels like the underdog and that not many people really like her, but she keeps going anyway. She hopes one day to find herself and who she is in this world but knows it’s a long road with many trials.

What are you observations? What do you see? I’d love to share our experiences.

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