Spoilin’ for a fight.

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I find a lot of my motivation through song lyrics. If I connect with them, I kick it.

One of AC/DC’s songs, ‘Spoilin’ For a Fight’, gets me in the mood. In the mood for taking back my life, kicking ass and taking some names. Might even throw a throat punch or two in there.

To be totally transparent. which is something really important to me when I write, I am obese. I would say morbidly obese. Like a lot of other people, I haven’t always been that way. I’m so heavy right now that I can’t stand for very long because my lower back starts hurting so intensely I could cry. I sweat when I wash dishes or do laundry because I’m holding so much extra weight.

And I’m sharing this with you because I don’t want my weight to have power over me anymore. I’m hoping that by sharing about it openly, it’s not a secret anymore and ultimately, it loses its grip on me so I can actually do something about it.

So, yeah, I’d say I’m spoilin’ for a fight. A fight to get my sexy back.

I hope I’m not alone in this fight. Are you battling with weight loss? Are you in pain because of it? Do you have any tips? I’d love a high-five if you’re in this with me.

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