If a blog were a unicorn


I feel like there would be a lot of rainbows and glitter. Which, to be honest, would kinda rock my world.

Readers, I think it’s time to get back in the saddle, right? I mean, I’m in a saddle, on my unicorn, why wouldn’t I want to pick it back up? I’m sharing with you with a new found transparency. I’m not here to please anyone or make miracles happen, I just want to share my truth with anyone who is kind enough to hear it. Please, share if you enjoy.

In all seriousness though, if a blog were a unicorn, it’d probably have like a million users, fresh new content with that ‘new car’ scent, and cute little blogger behind the keys clacking away at their next million dollar 500 words post. Perfection.

Sorry folks, this blog might be named after a unicorn, but it is definitely not perfection. In fact, it’s made up of some bollocks and some fantasy mixed with a little glitter. Ok, so it’s like .062% unicorn. The small percentage of unicorn is what makes my blog, this blog, different. There’s no shiny turds here, there’s not any fancy nails clacking away at the keys, just a regular woman who likes to share her nonsense. And by the way, I like my nails super short – I’m a graphic designer and use the keyboard A LOT – mm mm no ma’am/sir, no long nails here.

So, why the hell would you want to read my posts, much less journey to my blog? Authenticity.

I am an open book – and I plan on this blog doing the same. I will talk to you about my bipolar diagnosis, my obesity, the early days of my tobacco quit, my daily struggles with eating and the voices telling me I’ve got no willpower, all my oddities, my IF that I may or may not fail at, my good days, my bad day, and my in-between days. I want to be authentic to you, my reader.

If you’re looking for happy, peppy, positive, rah rah rah crap – fair warning, you should probably find another author. On the other hand, if you want real world experiences or dialogues through the life of a designer with bipolar – I’m so glad you’re here.

It’s fitting this is my first post on this blog in a while. The pieces fit. Also – in case you haven’t realized it, you can expect a bunch of sarcasm as well. Hope ya don’t mind.


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