Bang, Bang, Bang, On the Door Baby!


Let’s talk about the love shack.
Not the love shack in the widely popular B-52s song (although it was the inspiration for this post!), but the love shack we all have in our souls.

Our love shack is within.
It’s where all of the types of love live within us.
The joy, bliss, happy, insane, exploding, sarcastic, quiet, loud, and even angry love (believe me, angry love exists!) So, all these different types of love are dancing and grooving in your love shack at any given moment. It’s just a big ‘ol party in there, with glitter to boot.

My love shack misses something a lot though. S E L F love. Oh dear, is that one difficult. I don’t know about you, but the lesson of self love is one I’m still working on WAY back when I began therapy (best decision I’ve ever made BTW). That’s when I realized that self love even existed! And even when I did realize it, I was SO uncomfortable with the idea. Still am!

My love shack is getting renovated, slowly but surely, to make space for that very important self love.

Some of the positive changes I’m noticing are:
• My self love does not have a size – I’m obese, actively working on changing that, and I used to think that I could only love myself if I was a certain weight. Had to undo a lot of childhood beliefs to reach this one. And though I’m still terrified to look in the mirror sometimes, when I do look, I can at least appreciate my body for what and where it is.

• My self love is not dependent on anyone but me – no one else can make me love myself. It’s a road I have to walk and gain wisdom along the way. If you don’t experience it yourself, how do we learn? And anyway, no person needs to carry that weight for you. That’s all you my friend.

• My self love is a work in progress – I am no where near where I want to be with loving myself, but I’m closer than I was yesterday. I’ve learned that self love has to be an active decision on my part. Anyone can say ‘Great job going on a walk today!’, ‘Yay! You chose to be active instead of taking a nap!’ (To be fair – I love my naps though!), or ‘You chose to cook something healthy!’, the M A G I C happens when YOU say it to yourself (cringing because I’m still uncomfortable with the idea).

I’ve been working so hard at learning how to love me.
I know some of you out there have too.
What does your love shack look like?
Do you have trouble being comfortable with the idea of self love like I do?

Regardless of where you are in your love shack renovation, I wish you strength and m a g i c for the journey.

Stay peculiar.


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