5 Certified Easy Crock Pot Meals


I’m not sure about you, but I love a meal that takes about 5 minutes to prep and smells good all day long. For this reason, I’m unashamedly in love with my crock pot. I could put pretty much any mixture in it, and some how it turns out delicious and moist. Yep, I said moist. It’s deserved in this situation.

Before I share the recipes, I want to share the crock pot I use! I did a lot of research to find one that is the right size and does the right things. Good news! It’s available on Amazon for under $75!

• This Black and Decker crock pot is a wonderfully middle size 7 Qt. machine
• The crock is ceramic which allows for more even cooking
• It features the warm/low/high temperature options
• A temperature probes comes with it, which allows an alternative cooking option
• The time is changeable
• It also cooks sous vide (cooking with water)

Check it out here and let me know if you have any questions!

Let’s talk recipes!

  1. Chicken Burrito Bowls – a different take on mexican food! Add some sour cream, onion, and cheese!

    2. Mississippi Pot Roast – sick of pot roast? Try this version instead! You’ll be surprised by the banana peppers!

    3. Chicken and Dumplings – the canned biscuits really push this dish over the top – delicious any time!

    4. Chicken, Beans, and Potatoes – looking for a simple yet delicious solution for dinner? This is it!

    5. Cowboy Supper – mix it up with this delicious mixture of all things good!

These recipes were easy to prep and delicious to boot! I hope you get to try one of these! And I’d love to know what you think! And if you have any to add – please leave in the comments!

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Eat well! Sweet dreams.

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