Three-Dimensional Letters


I’ve begun weeding through my portfolio projects and will be going through one by one and putting special care into each one so I can get an accurate and up-to-date portfolio live, right here on my website!

Today’s project: Three-dimensional letters – below you’ll find a little bit about the project.

Completely hand-made, crafted with paper, glue, illustration board, and wood, these letters were experiments in taking a flat object into a three-dimensional world.

‘S’ | this script ‘s’ is carefully carved out of two layers of wood for added thickness. I wanted the hardness of the wood to play with the softness of the curves in the script. It definitely added a level of difficulty, but the outcome was worth it

‘H’ | choosing Helvetica was not an accident for this experiment, it resembles Jacob’s ladder form that it takes. I wanted to explore the form as a function and this piece is a fully expandable ladder.

‘Z’ | for Zed I wanted to explore shapes within shapes and a ‘Z’ can be found perfectly within a square, or a pixel, if you will. Fully expandable as well, this letter comes with its very own ‘div’ container box.

Read more to see what they ended up looking like!

The Right to Write


Hello readers and welcome back (to me and you!)

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written and for that, I’m sorry. I’ve been working through a huge growth period in my life – think complete care remodel, then double it. I’ve been so thankful for the time to spend on my journey to discover who I really am, and it’s also taken a lot out of me – emotionally, mentally, and physically. Triple whammy! Speaking of whammies – I’ve been updating the blog too! So, along with the changes to my person, I thought it was time to make some changes to my presence online – I hope you like them! I’ve had some trouble committing to writing and below are four things I’ve used to help build my confidence. I hope you read on.

A New Twist On An Old Tradition



Another project in the books. I can’t believe I finished my first quilt! It is not perfect by any means… but, that’s what makes it special.

This quilt was a new take on the ‘guest book’. Yes, I found it on Pinterest, and yes it actually turned out! We had our guests sign squares that were precut. We placed assorted colors out on the table with a sign explaining what to do. If you’d like more information, please shoot me a comment!




Well, I’m sure you’ve seen the changes with my blog! Yep, I took some time today to really dig into how to feature my work, alongside my blog. I knew there was a way!

I found this awesome theme – Blask (free!) – and with it’s fantastic documentation, was able to figure out how to construct my portfolio, with a blog page! It may seem simple to some, but it was a huge breakthrough for me! A few reasons why I decided to change, one more time:

  1. A shorter URL: I went from being about 100 characters… to Score!
  2. One stop shop: This way, all of my work is in one place, yet still separate. Another win!
  3. Hopefully… more visitors: this way, I give my readers more to browse, and hopefully keep them in my work longer.

Geeking Out on Hand-Lettering



My Saturday night me time consisted of drawing a new inspirational quote. I LOVE hand-lettering, you get the appreciation for when fonts used to be created. It’s a beautiful thing. If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of my hand-lettered quotes, I have a Gig posted on

You can purchase any hand-written quote that your heart desires, for just $5 here!

The Storm After The Calm



With 2015 upon me, one resolution I’ve decided upon (no, it’s not a weight loss resolution!) is to consistently write for my blog. With that, I was blessed with my first topic for the new year – Seasons.

I’ve been going through one of the longest most grueling seasons of my life. It all started with a decision, made mutually with God, to move towards change, healing, and forgiving. This season of mine has felt like a long, winding, dense wilderness full of images of past regrets, hurt, loneliness, anger, and frustration. Don’t get me wrong – God shows me glimpses of the meadow beyond the wilderness – so my hope lives on.