I Might Look Sweet, But I Listen To Angry Music… And Love It.


Whether it’s healthy or not, who knows. It works for me. There’s something deep-seeded and primordial that lives within me. And in order to relieve that pressure, I use various forms of therapy to help.  One of those forms of therapy is listening to deep, throaty, guitar-heavy, angry, passionate music. It’s like I’m a pressure cooker, and filling my ears with this glorious noise releases the steam.

I always thought it was something I just enjoyed, that was very different from my fellow female friends. Forget Brittney, give me some Slipknot.

Why The Unicorn Is My Spirit Animal


The story of my life is an elusive one. Some parts ai remember, other parts are locked in a prison far far away. I don’t mind it. I just figure some parts aren’t supposed to surface until just the right time.

Other memories pop up like fire crackers when I’m least expecting them. I imagine a unicorn transcends time. It’s cool all the time. I like to think the unicorn is tough on the outside while on the inside, it is filled with confetti-like glitter. Sometimes, that glitter is all sitting at the bottom like pennies at the bottom of a piggy bank, but sometimes, when something super magical happens, it floats around like balloons at a party.




Well, I’m sure you’ve seen the changes with my blog! Yep, I took some time today to really dig into how to feature my work, alongside my blog. I knew there was a way!

I found this awesome theme – Blask (free!) – and with it’s fantastic documentation, was able to figure out how to construct my portfolio, with a blog page! It may seem simple to some, but it was a huge breakthrough for me! A few reasons why I decided to change, one more time:

  1. A shorter URL: I went from being about 100 characters… to stuffhollysees.com. Score!
  2. One stop shop: This way, all of my work is in one place, yet still separate. Another win!
  3. Hopefully… more visitors: this way, I give my readers more to browse, and hopefully keep them in my work longer.

Why A Clean House Is Healthy

mental health


My heels are sore, my brow is sweaty, my back is sore – but, our house is clean. Boy does that feel good. We do have company coming over tomorrow, but it needed to be done anyway, with all of our wedding stuff still stuffed in every single corner. We did it. And now – I have a desk – in an office – that’s clean. My sewing machine has space on it, there are reminders of our wonderful wedding all over the place, but placed just right.

Geeking Out on Hand-Lettering



My Saturday night me time consisted of drawing a new inspirational quote. I LOVE hand-lettering, you get the appreciation for when fonts used to be created. It’s a beautiful thing. If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of my hand-lettered quotes, I have a Gig posted on Fiverr.com

You can purchase any hand-written quote that your heart desires, for just $5 here!