A New Twist On An Old Tradition



Another project in the books. I can’t believe I finished my first quilt! It is not perfect by any means… but, that’s what makes it special.

This quilt was a new take on the ‘guest book’. Yes, I found it on Pinterest, and yes it actually turned out! We had our guests sign squares that were precut. We placed assorted colors out on the table with a sign explaining what to do. If you’d like more information, please shoot me a comment!




Well, I’m sure you’ve seen the changes with my blog! Yep, I took some time today to really dig into how to feature my work, alongside my blog. I knew there was a way!

I found this awesome theme – Blask (free!) – and with it’s fantastic documentation, was able to figure out how to construct my portfolio, with a blog page! It may seem simple to some, but it was a huge breakthrough for me! A few reasons why I decided to change, one more time:

  1. A shorter URL: I went from being about 100 characters… to stuffhollysees.com. Score!
  2. One stop shop: This way, all of my work is in one place, yet still separate. Another win!
  3. Hopefully… more visitors: this way, I give my readers more to browse, and hopefully keep them in my work longer.