I Might Look Sweet, But I Listen To Angry Music… And Love It.

creative writing, healthy choices, mental illness awareness, music therapy, personal reflection

Whether it’s healthy or not, who knows. It works for me. There’s something deep-seeded and primordial that lives within me. And in order to relieve that pressure, I use various forms of therapy to help.ย  One of those forms of therapy is listening to deep, throaty, guitar-heavy, angry, passionate music. It’s like I’m a pressure cooker, and filling my ears with this glorious noise releases the steam.

This Depression is Kicking my Butt

healthy choices, mental illness awareness, personal reflection

1892332bb249dedc6f5319bf1cdd831bDue to med changes and brain chemistry alignments, my depression has reared itโ€™s ugly head yet again.

This is the kind of depression that I had when I was first diagnosed, and just getting on medication. So, itโ€™s ugly and angry. And all I can do is keep fighting. Itโ€™s a silent battle. One I donโ€™t like to talk about because it makes me feel weak. Itโ€™s a battle that is raging in my head while on the outside I seemโ€ฆ fine.